Donate: Not Just Money...


You would be amazed how many of the locals go around barefooted or with paper wrapped around their feet. New and gently used shoes for boys, girls, men and women are welcome!  We will be taking our second shipment of shoes with us on our upcoming trip courtesy of a local Eagle Scout project!

School Supplies

Although many supplies can be found locally, pencils, markers, paints, glue, pens and backpacks are always in high demand. 


Cellphones, tablets, iPads and laptops are welcome. The schools and local shops have internet access/wifi.


Interested in making a trip yourself down to Guatemala? We could always use help! 

Please contact us at to inquire about shipping or trips to Guatamala

Donate...but money helps too!

Navigate through the site to see if there is a specific program you would like to donate to, or just make a donation to the General Fund through this link! All donations are tax deductible, as we are a 501 (c)(3) organization.  

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